Interaction by spreadsheet / pattern contest

Using the following spreadsheet template one can create scores for touchscreen instruments. The two dimensional 1-8 number grid will be used to position a musical scale of up to 8 notes on a touchscreen surface.
Get your own design into the exhibition by downloading and filling out the following spreadsheet and send it to The best submission until 17th of January 2013 will be rewarded with CHF 100.- Please note that there is a maximum of 1024 colored fields per score.
download grid-styler-public.ods for OpenOffice / LibreOffice
download grid-styler-public.xls for Excel

The Winner of the contest is Kirsty Boyle. With the following pattern:

Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-11 um 14.31.15

Congratulations! Here you see the pattern in the installation:

Screenshot from 2013-01-04 19-14-17